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Portraits using studio lighting!

As I said before, we have had the opportunity to use proper studio lighting for some portraits. I also had the pleasure of demonstrating this at open evening for my school! In these portraits I have used a variety of different lighting set ups which I will explain under each photo. Also thanks to Charlotte for modelling and allowing me to post these photos!


 For this image I used a 3 light set…

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Using lighting at A-level

I have finished the alphabet project and the work on depressed now and we have moved on to portraiture. Yesterday was my first lesson using the studio and we learnt to use all the lights and different modifiers, including soft boxes, umbrellas, barn doors and gels. Im going to be spending the schools open evening experimenting further which I am really looking forward to!

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A-Level photography!

A week ago today I went back to school starting Year 12! I have now had a few AS photography lessons and I must say i’m loving the projects we have done so far. Our first task was called the alphabet project which was taking photos of something that looks like the letters A-Z and the second was similar but with a word. My word that was picked at random was ‘depressed’. I now have to take…

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Bournemouth Air Show 2014- The Eurofighter Typhoon

Bournemouth Air Show 2014- The Eurofighter Typhoon

One of the major attractions of the Bournemouth Air Festival is the Typhoon, This twin engined, multirole fighter has been used by air forces all over the world, starting with Germany in 2003. Since then it has been used by Spain, Italy and france, as well as the Royal air force when the first Typhoon was delivered into britain in 2008.  This speed machine is highly agile adding to the difficulty…

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Bournemouth Air show 2014- The Vulcan

Bournemouth Air show 2014- The Vulcan

Heres the next few photos from the saturday of The Bournemouth Air Festival. These images are of the Vulcan, a strategic bomber used from 1956 until 1984 by the Royal Air Force. This massive plane has a flap where a huge bomb can be dropped. Despite the size it is surprisingly quiet, making it perfect for bombing runs as you would never hear it coming until it was too late to do anything about it!

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Having a bit of a change around!

Having a bit of a change around!

As you may have seen my blog has completely changed. Firstly I have purchased the domain of planetjamezphoto.com! It can still be reached from the previous address but this is now the primary domain. Secondly I have applied a new theme! The front page is now a fixed page and my blog page can be reached by clicking on the blog tab. This way I can use this site as a portfolio/ website as well as a…

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Bournemouth Air show 2014- Red Arrows

Bournemouth Air show 2014- Red Arrows

Yesterday I went to the Bournemouth Air Show! My uncle hired out a hotel room on the top floor of a hotel giving me the opportunity to photograph some of the incredible air crafts. I was using my 55- 200mm lens and got some decent results. One of the best acts of the day is Britains No. 1 display team: the Red arrows! Sadly there were only 8 of them due to Red 3’s wife going into labour. Despite…

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My latest purchase-Fujifilm instax 100.

My latest purchase-Fujifilm instax 100.

While working at a small village fete on the lawn of Athelhampton House I had a wonder round and spotted a stall selling items that had been donated. I noticed a fujifilm instax 100 camera which is basically fujifilms version of the polaroid.


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